Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

imove AS (corp. no. 559276-2701) offers a subscription service where the user subscribes to a vehicle and uses this for a fixed amount per. month without deposit. The subscription has no binding period. The subscription is prepaid at one-month intervals (for example, from 15 February to 15 March) and imove reserves the right to adjust the subscription price at least 30 days in advance. All changes to the subscription will be notified to the user by email.

The vehicle will be marked with the imove logo during the subscription period. Congestion tax is not included in the subscription price but is invoiced to the user every month.

The user is obliged to pay other operating costs related to normal use of the vehicle, including but not limited to: fuel, washing liquid, tolls, parking and regular washing. The user gets access to the imove application and My page on the website where information about the car subscription, customs fees, information and news about the subscription service is displayed.

The following services are included in the imove subscription:

Service and maintenance

* Insurance provided by Tryg Forsikring and includes traffic, semi-insurance, deductible in the event of a car damage guarantee and return insurance.

Tires, tire hotel and tire change with home installation

Unlimited mileage at no extra cost

Up to 10 days mountain car per year (see section 4.8)

Possibility to change vehicles

Customer service 7 days a week

For other terms of the subscription agreement, see points 2 - 13. The user agrees to these terms of the subscription and the wording of the agreement by electronic consent.


The subscription terms and conditions govern the user's use and connection to the subscription service. By entering into an imove subscription agreement, the user accepts these subscription terms and associated privacy policy and thereby agrees to be bound by them during the period of time that the subscription runs. imove reserves the right to make changes to the subscription terms at any time. In case of changes, imove sends a message to the user via e-mail. Updated subscription terms will also be available at any time on imove's website. If the changes to the Terms result in a significant change to imove or the user's rights and / or obligations, the changes will be made available 30 days before they take effect. If the user does not accept the new terms, the subscription must be terminated. If imove does not receive written notice, this is equated with approval of the changed subscription terms. If the user continues to use the service after new terms come into force, the user agrees to be bound by the updated terms.


To be able to enter into an agreement on an imove subscription, the user must be over 18 years old, have a Norwegian residential address, have a valid Norwegian driving license (class B), pass the credit assessment and accept the privacy and subscription terms. Registration of an optional debit card is also required (VISA or MasterCard). The payment card is used for payment of all services in connection with the subscription. If another form of payment is desired, an administration fee will be added for this. The subscription is personal and can not be transferred to others. The user is responsible for all activity related to her subscription. The user is responsible for making the username and password associated with the imove subscription not made available to others. If it is suspected that others have access to a username and / or password, the user is obliged to notify imove immediately. By entering the subscription, the user undertakes to provide correct and complete information and is responsible for always keeping it updated. Contact information can be updated in writing on the website under the user's profile page. imove has the right to communicate with the user via a registered e-mail address, chat, telephone number and / or postal address in accordance with applicable law. imove reserves the right to reject subscription applications without further justification. imove also has the right to perform a credit check of the user via a third party before the subscription application is considered.


4.1 Delivery of vehicles

The contractual relationship applies to ongoing subscriptions to the vehicles that always have the status of active on the user's "My Page" during the period in which the subscription runs. At the beginning of the subscription, the vehicle can be picked up at imove or ordered for home delivery. Price surcharges and geographical restrictions apply. In the event of an interruption in the subscription or change of car, a separate agreement is signed for handover between the parties. As a starting point, the car must be returned to imove's premises in the city where the car was originally delivered, unless otherwise specifically agreed. After completing the subscription, imove cannot guarantee an identical vehicle when the subscription is resumed. Costs for delivery / collection can be added in accordance with the current price list at any time. imove is obliged at the agreed time and at the agreed place to make the vehicle available to the user. The vehicle must be in good condition. The vehicle is delivered from imove to the user with at least 50% current on the battery. The same applies when the user returns the vehicle in connection with a break or termination of a subscription.

4.2 The length of the subscription and change of vehicle

The subscription is valid from the agreed delivery date and is paid in advance at one-month intervals. The subscription has no binding period and is automatically renewed on the same date every month. The subscription lasts until one of the parties terminates the agreement. The termination must be in writing. In the event of termination, the subscription is valid until the period for which the subscription is invoiced and the invoicing takes place on a monthly basis. Upon termination of subscription, the delivery of the car is agreed between the parties. Costs for delivery / collection can be added in accordance with the current price list at any time. See section 8, imove reserves the right to cancel the subscription with immediate effect in the event of a material breach of the subscription terms. The user can exchange the vehicle for another vehicle via the imove application or the website only after one month. The monthly subscription price after changing vehicles will be adjusted to the selected vehicle and is valid from the day the change is completed. The car exchange is agreed between the parties and costs for delivery / collection can be added in accordance with the current price list. If the user does not show up at the agreed time, any additional costs will be invoiced in imove to the user. See also section 4.1 regarding replacement and handover of vehicles.

4.3 Limitation of mileage and use abroad

The subscription service has no limit on mileage (free mileage). As our vehicles are only insured for use in Europe, Israel and Turkey, it is not permitted to use the vehicle outside these areas. If the vehicle is to be used outside Scandinavia for longer than 24 hours, the user must notify imove in advance. imove reserves the right to restrict use outside Scandinavia, if special circumstances exist. When using abroad, special attention is paid to the fact that there will be an administration fee for all manual handling of tolls, parking fees, speeding fines or other fees charged abroad, related to the car.

4.4 Insurance
imove has all vehicles insured through Tryg Forsikring. The insurance premium is covered by a monthly subscription amount. The user can not enter into insurance contracts related to the vehicle with other players. For complete terms, see imove's insurance terms.

The following insurance contracts have been drawn up and are included in the subscription (the descriptions describe what is covered by the insurance product, regardless of what is covered by the service itself):

Half insurance

The half insurance covers damage to the vehicle in the event of trademark, theft and rescue. Fixed accessories that is legal to have on the vehicle are covered up to NOK 20,000. The mobile phone is not covered.

Motor insurance

Motor insurance covers personal injuries and damages that the driver inflicts on others or their belongings.

Return insurance
Return insurance covers damages that are discovered during return that would otherwise have been charged to the user. The agreement protects the user against large costs for submitting the vehicle after the end of the subscription period. See conditions.

Deductibles - Tryg Forsikring
The deductible is NOK 4,000 on all items except for glazing and on the crisis insurance where there is no deductible.

If both a traffic and a car damage guarantee damage occurs in the same event, the deductible is calculated as for a damage. For further information on insurance terms, see imove's contract terms for insurance. After approval of this agreement, the user confirms that he has familiarized himself with the terms of the insurance contract.

4.6 Return of vehicle upon termination of subscription or change of vehicle

The conditions for returning a vehicle apply both when changing vehicles and when terminating the subscription service. the user can switch to another vehicle during the entire subscription period after each 1-month monthly subscription period. This is done on the service provider's website. Read more about car exchange and termination in section 4.2. When you return a vehicle, the user is responsible for the vehicle being returned in the same condition as at the conclusion of the agreement. the user is responsible for any damage that is discovered when returning the vehicle that is not already registered in the vehicle's damage log, however limited to the applicable deductible in the return insurance. the user must also ensure that the vehicle is washed inside and out and returned fully charged. Costs for not washing and / or charging the vehicle upon return will be added in accordance with the current price list. Return is considered to have taken place when both the vehicle and the car keys have come into imove's possession in accordance with the handover agreement. the user is considered responsible for the car until the physical delivery has taken place. If the user chooses not to physically leave the car, the user is still responsible until an imove representative has checked the car. If there is a valid reason, imove may demand that the vehicle be returned at an earlier time than agreed. the user can claim the stated reason without this affecting the obligation to return the vehicle. imove has the right to pick up the vehicle after the end of the agreed subscription period if the user is not willing to enter into an agreement to return the vehicle on a voluntary basis, cf. Chapter 13 In the Enforcement Act, cf. § 13-1. The costs for this are invoiced to the user. In the event of exceeding the agreed return date or other serious breach of the subscription terms, any discounts, insurances or special agreements may be canceled by imove.

4.7 Carry out regular preventive maintenance (service, tire change)

The subscription may extend over periods where there is a need for services that are considered regular maintenance, including service and tire replacement. In these cases, imove undertakes to contact the user in advance to enter into a handover agreement. Registration must be made in writing and at least 14 days in advance. the user is obliged to make the car available during the current period, imove is obliged to actively strive for the period to be as short as possible. Unless otherwise agreed, imove takes responsibility for performing tire changes at the user's home address or work, a service included in the subscription. This service may have geographical limitations or be limited by the capacity of the subcontractor. In such cases, the user must deliver the car for a tire change to the nearest tire workshop. Furthermore, imove undertakes to store winter / summer tires that are not used during the period at the tire hotel.

4.8 The mountain car service

For some of the cars in the service, the subscription includes access to an extra car of the station wagon or SUV type. This is marked on the current car as "Cabin car days: x" and is stated in the subscription agreement. The mountain car service does not apply to vans. The service is included in the agreement and is described as "Cabin car". The mountain car can be a fossil-powered car. It can not be guaranteed that the mountain car has a ski rack or roof box, it will vary from model to model, season and variation in availability. Access to a mountain car is regulated by the main agreement and can be used for the agreed number of days specified in the agreement, per. year. The mountain car may have different insurance terms, coverage and deductible than the main car in the subscription. the user is obliged to familiarize themselves with the applicable insurance terms and conditions before taking out a mountain car.

4.8.1 Use of mountain car days

A maximum of 10 free mountain car days per year can be used, unless otherwise agreed separately through a separate agreement. New subscribers can use a maximum of 3 mountain car days during the first month of the service. Remaining mountain car days are activated for withdrawals only after the second subscription month has been paid. If you need a mountain car in addition to what is included, the service can be offered as a paid service. See price list on imove's website.

4.8.2 Book a mountain car

Booking a mountain car is done in writing, either by e-mail or on imove's website. During periods of high demand, such as holidays or vacations, there may be limited access to mountain cars. The mountain car must be ordered at least 14 days before the desired pick-up time. the user must expect the car to be picked up either from imove or from the service provider. In high season, imove can not guarantee access to a mountain car and the user can not demand a refund of part of the paid subscription fee, even if imove can not deliver a mountain car under the desired period. The main subscription continues during the period the user has a mountain car. If the user needs extra mountain car days, this can be purchased, see item 13 for prices.


5.1. the user's obligation to investigate

The user is as far as possible obliged to inspect the car for visible damage or defects when the vehicle has been delivered / picked up. the user is obliged to report any damage or defects that exist before the car is used. If the user does not report visible damage or defects and still uses the car, the user loses the right to claim these defects. imove can ultimately hold the user responsible for these damages. the user is obliged to familiarize himself with the rules that apply to the vehicle and the applicable traffic rules. the user has a special obligation to familiarize himself with relevant driving license regulations, rules regarding alcohol / drug use and traffic rules where the vehicle is always used.

5.2. Obligation for maintenance

the user is obliged to ensure general maintenance during ongoing subscriptions and is obliged to ensure that the vehicle is always in the correct drivable condition. This means that during the subscription period, the user must actively contribute to the vehicle according to the manufacturer's maintenance program. the user is also responsible for regularly washing the vehicle from the inside out and generally ensuring that the vehicle is well maintained. the user is responsible for notifying imove if the vehicle signals service needs (warning lights are on), or if the user has knowledge / suspicions that the vehicle needs maintenance / service. the user undertakes to be available for imove so that the vehicle can undergo maintenance. When changing tires, the user undertakes to tighten the wheel nuts after 35-50 km of driving. Contact imove for maintenance questions.

5.3 the user's liability in the event of damage

the user is immediately obliged to contact imove without delay if there is something wrong with the car or if a damage is detected that is not registered in the vehicle's damage log. If the user does not do so, he can be held responsible for all damages and defects that have occurred to the car after delivery. imove or its representative will then give the user instructions on how to behave. the user may not make repairs or alterations himself, or engage third parties to carry out repairs or alterations to the vehicle without the written consent of imove. the user must notify the police immediately and imove within 48 hours if the car has been involved in an accident or personal injury, even if no third party has been involved. If the car is lost, stolen or damaged, the user is responsible for the deductible specified in this agreement. Tryg Forsikring and imove will try to recover deductible and other costs from the party who is liable if the user can show that the damage, theft or loss cannot be attributed to the user's fault, intentional intrusion, dishonesty or gross negligence. Therefore, in the event of all claims, a claim must be filled in and a claim report sent to Tryg Forsikring within a reasonable time.

5.4 the user's obligations regarding the use of the vehicle
the user is responsible for all use of the car. If the car is left to others, this is done at the user's own risk. The vehicle can only be used in Europe, Israel and Turkey. For use of the vehicle abroad, see section 4.3. All persons over 18 years of age with a valid driving license for the vehicle in question, in accordance with "Rules on driving licenses etc." has permission to use the vehicle, provided that the user gives his consent to this. Persons over the age of 16 can also, together with a companion, use the car for private driving in accordance with the «Traffic Training Rules». It is the user's duty to ensure that all users of the vehicle have a valid driving license.

The user is obliged to handle and use the said vehicle in a responsible manner and not to use the vehicle for:

1.Driving on public roads or areas closed to public traffic.

2.Trade or business, such as the carriage of passengers or goods for consideration, including rental;

3. Business activities such as courier, taxi, car sharing or the like without their prior written approval;

4.Towing, pushing or moving another vehicle;

5. Competition, speed test or other form of test driving;

6.Transport of flammable, corrosive or explosive materials.

7. Remove the charge tag, tracking tag / GPS or replace them with another tag

8.Secure, secure or package goods in a way that damages vehicles, people or the environment.

9. Expose the interior to hot or sharp objects or liquids that may corrode or stain;

10. Use snow chains or other equipment in such a way as to damage the vehicle body or chassis;

11. Install roof racks or loaders if use causes cosmetic damage to body or roof;

12. Drive the vehicle to any physically inaccessible place with respect to the height, width or length of the vehicle;

13. Using the vehicle for illegal purposes or in an illegal manner, including, but not limited to, the following examples of illegal use; Driving under the influence of alcohol and / or drugs and / or impaired driving.

Hold more passengers and / or heavier loads than the vehicle is registered for.
- Change the vehicle's odometer.
- Leave the vehicle unlocked or in such a way that it can be used by others.

In other respects, reference is made to section 23 of the Road Traffic Act, «Before driving, the driver must ensure that the vehicle is in a safe and correct condition and that it is correctly and correctly loaded. He must ensure that the vehicle is also in safe condition and properly charged during use. " 5.5 other user responsibilities

During the subscription period, and until the specified vehicle has been returned to imove, the user bears all responsibility for the storage and use of the vehicle. the user is obliged to pay the following:

• Monthly subscription price as described in the subscription agreement

• Unfilled fuel or uncharged car on return results in price surcharges according to price list, see section 13. The car must be returned with the same amount of fuel as when picked up.

• Any costs associated with the vehicle's return transport if this is returned to a place other than agreed, or if the vehicle does not reach the destination of its own machine.

• Any costs associated with tolls or the like plus imove's administration fee

• Parking fees or other fees, fines or other costs where imove is jointly and severally liable with the user. If such fees must be invoiced by imove, an administration fee will be added, see price list, section 13.

• Any damage that occurs to the vehicle during the subscription period, including vandalism and theft, however limited up to the agreed deductible. If the user has acted negligently in the event of damage, has violated the subscription terms or the Road Traffic Act, he may have to pay a larger part of the damage than what the agreed deductible prescribes.

• In addition to the damage, the user is also financially responsible for special cleaning - inside and outside - if the car is very dirty, such as cleaning after a dog or smoking, or after driving on gravel, fresh asphalt / road marking, mud or other internal or external dirt that requires extra work.

• Depreciation according to the insurance companies' tax rates, ie. the loss is delayed due to the vehicle being out of service if the user has acted with gross negligence.

• The user is obliged to pay imove all costs attributable to the recovery process of debts that the user has towards imove. In the event of late payment, interest is added on arrears in accordance with Norwegian law. 5.6 user rights

The right of withdrawal gives the user the right to terminate this subscription agreement within 14 days after the user has completed the signing / e-signing. If the user exercises the right of withdrawal, the user is responsible for delivering the car to the agreed destination. If imove materially breaches its obligations under the agreement, the user may terminate the subscription agreement. However, imove must be given a reasonable time frame to remedy the breach by correction or re-delivery. If the correction or return is not relevant or is not made within a reasonable time after the user has complained about the defect, the user may demand a proportional price reduction. the user loses his right to invoke an infringement, whether it is a defect or a delay, if the person in question has not within a reasonable time after the person has discovered or should have discovered the violation gives notice thereof. Technical errors that may occur or come to the user's knowledge during the subscription period, and which can be remedied within a time that is in reasonable proportion to the user's needs and the subscription period, do not entitle the user to terminate the subscription relationship. If repair cannot be provided within the said time limit, imove decides whether imove shall deliver a new vehicle to the user for the continuation of the subscription relationship, or whether the subscription relationship shall be deemed to have ended from the time imove received notice of the relationship from the user. In the latter case, imove provides return transport for its own account, but imove is not responsible for the user's possible losses or obligations. Otherwise see the conditions in section 4.5. 5.7 the user's payment responsibility

In the event of an ongoing subscription, the user undertakes to pay the subscription price and any additional services or fees, until the agreed due date. The subscription presupposes that the user registers a valid payment card for the service. the user is responsible for the payment card being valid and having coverage until the agreed due date. If necessary, the debit card can be changed by contact imove via my page or chat. Then a payment link is generated with 7 days validity which the user receives via e-mail. In the event of non-payment, imove has the right to initiate the collection of outstanding amounts with default interest and a reminder. In the event of late payment, interest on arrears will be added in accordance with Norwegian law (for example from February 15 to March 15) and imove reserves the right to adjust the subscription price with up to 30 days notice.The monthly amount is automatically deducted from the user's debit card each month.The subscription date for the subscription (dates 1-31) corresponds to the date the user was handed the vehicle for The withdrawal date can be changed by contacting imove.imove charges the user's debit card for subscription price and any additional services or fees, as well as the vehicle's actual AutoPass / tolls. See section 13 for additional services and fees.Auto pass is charged without surcharge, administration fee or VAT. is obliged to pay other operating costs related to normal use of the vehicle, including but not limited to: fuel, washer fluid, tolls, parking and regular washing.

6. DISCLAIMER imove is not responsible for damage to or loss of property left by the user or anyone else, stored or transported in the vehicle. imove disclaims all liability to the user with respect to loss of time, money or anything else that may arise from or is associated with the subscription relationship, in addition to the liability described above. imove has no responsibility for the installation of additional equipment such as ski racks, high chairs, GPS etc. the user is responsible for the equipment being installed correctly and in accordance with the rules. Improper use or incorrect installation can trigger liability, see section 5.4.

7. SECURITY AND SOLUTION imove may require the user to provide security for the vehicle and the financial responsibility arising from the subscription relationship. The security can be provided in the form of a booking on a credit card, bank deposit or other form of deposit that can be agreed between the parties. the user agrees that imove may charge the user's credit card booking or deposit for the agreed subscription amount, tolls, parking fees, damage costs and other fees or other issues governed by this agreement. the user's credit card is automatically debited at each due date.

8. VIOLATION OF THE AGREEMENT Both imove and the user have a mutual right to cancel the subscription with immediate effect in the event of a material breach of the subscription terms. The following conditions must always be considered a material offense.

Violation of the terms of the subscription, see section 3;

- Violation of obligations described in the subscription terms and which are not corrected within 14 working days after written notice has been given;

• Standard payment of more than one month; and

• Loss of driving license


9.1 Changes Additions to and amendments to the subscription terms in this agreement are binding only if they are included in a written agreement.

9.2 Selection of teams This agreement is subject to Norwegian law.

9.3 Dispute In the event of a dispute regarding the subscription agreement, imove's company address in Norway is applied as the place of entry into the agreement.

10. IMOVES ACCESS TO DATA AND PRIVACY imove will always process your personal data in accordance with applicable personal data legislation, including Regulation 2016/679 / EU ("GDPR"). imove only processes personal information that is necessary to implement a car subscription agreement, offer services for the sale of an existing car and / or to send you marketing. imove stores information about your subscription relationship in its internal user register that links your personal information to vehicle data during the period that the subscription or other services have been in your name.

imove has access to data related to the vehicle's passages of car duties and other additional services invoiced by imove. The information in imove processes includes contact information (such as name, social security number, address, e-mail, telephone number) and information that you have given us in connection with inquiries and any inquiries. imove may, if necessary, share data with third parties acting on our behalf, e.g. in claims settlement, service deliveries and in fundraising. All imove vehicles have fitted a tracking chip that gives imove access to data related to the vehicle's geographical location, usage data (kilometers, driving profile such as speed) and the like. The purpose is to protect against theft / fraud and provide the best possible basis for deployment of future services, environmental improvement measures and the like. According to the Personal Data Act, you have the right to access, correct, limit the processing and deletion of your personal data. More information about privacy can be found in the privacy policy.

11. TRANSFER OF THE DRAWING the imove subscription can be transferred to another provider without changing the user's rights under these terms. If the subscription is transferred to a new contracting party, the user will be informed of this per. E-mail.

12. CONTACT INFORMATION Questions or other inquiries regarding the imove subscription or its additional services are sent via the imove application, website or e-mail address drift@imove.no. Damage to the vehicle is reported directly to Tryg Forsikring via the electronic claim form on «My page».

13. ADDITIONAL FEES AND SERVICES the user undertakes to familiarize himself with the terms and prices of additional charges described below. All prices include VAT unless otherwise stated. Absence at the agreed time. for delivery / return NOK 2000, - If the user does not show up within 30 minutes after the agreed time for delivery / return of the vehicle. Administration fee 275 NOK For incidents where imove is charged with administration and outlay of costs that are a result of the user's use of the vehicle. See example below. Fines related to illegal use of the vehicle, actual cost + administration fee

Includes parking fines, quick fines, etc.

Return of extraordinarily messy or dirty car, NOK 2,000 or actual cost Fuel shortage on return, NOK 30 / liter

Applies only to fossil cars / hybrid cars.

Smoking in the car, NOK 2000, - or actual cost

Actual cost of cleaning the vehicle.


See insurance terms

Includes damage, roadside assistance, fire, etc. Damage to the interior

Actual cost if the damage is not covered by insurance

Handling of the vehicle as a result of towing or standard / collection, 2000 NOK + fee for towing and any storage costs

Salvage cost

Actual cost + administration fee will be charged if the invoice is sent to imove.


Actual cost + administration fee

the user is responsible for registering the vehicle and paying the parking fee. If an invoice for parking is sent to imove, this cost is invoiced to the user in addition to the administration fee.


Actual cost of passing tolls.

Congestion tax is re-invoiced to the user. Some lag in these transactions must be expected. Especially when driving abroad. Tolls when using a mountain car are charged with the same debit card as the main subscription.

Lost accessories / loose parts (eg ODB2 chip, spare key, charging cables, first aid kit, warning triangle, towbar, compressor)

Actual cost + administration fee

Measure that requires a call from one or more of imove's employees, start fee: NOK 2,000 + NOK 1,000 per hour spent.

For example, leave the car unlocked, key on wheels or other negligence.

Extra mountain car days, from NOK 599 per day
Prices vary with model, variant, availability and season.