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The imove team consists of green entrepreneurs, digital do'ers and automotive enthusiasts. Our vision is to shape the future of the mobility industry!


Norway sits in the far north of Europe – known for its amazing fjord landscape, northern light and polar bears. But did you know that Norway is also one of the most digital countries in the world, is a major global provider of pure renewable waterfall energy, and is the country in the world with the highest density of electric vehicles?

Norway is by far the country where EV adoption has reached the furthest. Fully electric vehicles account for over 75% of new cars being sold in major cities, and the electric vehicle share is closing to 25% of the total car fleet in some cities. Norway has during the last decade acquired unique hands-on experience of what it takes for a country to electrify the vehicle fleet. We have experienced radical changes in consumer behavior and worked out pioneer industry recipes on how to adapt and benefit from the electric revolution.

This Norwegian DNA was a key part of how imove started. The existing automotive industry is being turned upside-down by major changes. A perfect storm for challenging traditional ways and launching new services. Consumers demand more environmentally friendly ways of transportation and easily accessible digital services that seamlessly adapt to new needs and convenience-oriented lifestyles. A car subscription service provides the needed flexibility and bundles services that meet modern customers’ expectations.

Car subscription is expected to make a substantial impact on the Automotive industry. OEMs and industry experts estimate that 20-30% of new car sales globally will be in the shape of a subscription service already by 2025. Today, car subscription and bundling services are top strategic priorities for any Automotive executives.

The imove platform enables third-party players across industries like automotive, finance, and insurance, but also electricity and telecom, to use their white-label technology to offer car subscriptions as an alternative to car ownership or leasing. imove has also built an extensive fleet of electric vehicles in its own car subscription service.

The imove service lets the end-user subscribe to an electric car for an all-inclusive monthly fee. This includes unique features like access to a weekend car, free mileage, home delivery, seasonal tire change at the customer’s home amongst others. We know what it takes to scale profitable and customer-oriented car subscription services.

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The team

The team is led by Hans Kristian Aas (CEO) and Gunnar Birkenfeldt (CPO).

Owning a car may seem like an aspiring idea, but many car owners have experienced that it could also lead to some headaches. Enabling the Automotive industry to be more customer-oriented has been a driving motivation for the founders.

imove’s organization has grown significantly over the last few years. Today, imove has a multinational presence and more than 50 employees in offices in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands.

imove is growing rapidly and we are constantly looking for new talented people for our team. Join us creating the future of mobility.

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