Weekend car

For us, it is important that your car situation is sustainable, and that is why we think it is best that you have the car that suits you best 99% of the time. We take care of the last 1% through what we call a weekend car.

We challenge traditional car sales by letting you choose the car that suits you best most of the time, while avoiding paying for what you only need occasionally. Most people are used to buying a car that meets the extremes of needs, and therefore many drive around with a station wagon or SUV to and from the store, even if they have bought the car only to be able to go to the mountains or similar long trips a couple of times a year .

If you are one of those people who drives a small city car because your daily need is to have a flexible car that can easily take you around the city, you may need another car when you go to the mountains or on a car holiday , or when it's your turn to drive your child's group of friends to training.

The weekend car is a larger, slightly more robust car with better space and four-wheel drive, this way you can choose the car that suits you best today, and only change when your needs change. Access to a weekend car is included in the subscription. If you have needs in addition to what is included, it can be purchased at a low cost.