Xpeng G3 Smart


About the car

Xpeng is clearly inspired by Tesla and has used several of the open patents from the electric car giant. Both children, strollers and teddy bears will enjoy a trip with the Xpeng G3 Smart SUV. A lot is expected from a car that aims to deliver everything a family needs. With plenty of space, high comfort and advanced technology, the Xpeng G3 is prepared for a busy weekday with frequent changes of scenery. If the car becomes too big for everyday use, you can easily switch to one of imove's other cars, and use a cabin car when you need it. This is not a car. This is a lifestyle.

Car specification

  • 2021

  • 450 km range

  • Electric

  • 5 seats

All inclusive

  • Insurance is included in the subscription and allows everyone with a drivers license to drive the car

  • No lock-in period and no start-up fee

  • Go wherever you want there is now mileage restriction


Available now

Xpeng G3 Smart

8,990 kr / month