Volkswagen e-Golf 100kw


About the car

There are many good reasons to choose e-Golf. With a range of 229 km (NDEC: 300 km) and a spacious interior, the e-Golf is a car that suits most people. It is perfect for everyday driving such as to and from work, and picking up and driving to activities, as well as going on slightly longer trips without having to charge. If the car becomes too small for a weekend at the cabin or for a vacation, you can easily switch to another of imove's cars. This is not a car. This is a lifestyle.

Car specification

  • 2019

  • 229 km range

  • Electric

  • 5 seats

All inclusive

  • Insurance is included in the subscription and allows everyone with a drivers license to drive the car

  • No lock-in period and no start-up fee

  • Go wherever you want there is now mileage restriction


Available now

Volkswagen e-Golf 100kw

6,990 kr / month